Tales from Alpha Domus

Tales from Alpha Domus

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It’s fantastic that two business partners are celebrating a special vintage together; Negociants as New Zealand’s leading independent wine distributor who are celebrating 30 years and Alpha Domus, an award winning winery, celebrating 25 years.

Alpha Domus is a family-owned single estate winery, based in the Hawke’s Bay wine growing sub-region of the Bridge Pa Triangle. “We have enjoyed a rewarding partnership with Negociants for 19 years.”

The winery name Alpha Domus was inspired by the first initial of each of our first names from our Father and Mother through to the youngest brother; Anthonius, Leonarda, Paulus, Henrikus and Anthonius (ALPHA) in age descending order; Domus is Latin for house.

In 1995 we met with Clive Weston in what was the infancy of our relationship with Negociants. Five years earlier we had begun the development of our vineyard on soils that have created world-class wines from a wide range of varietals including, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, Semillon, Chardonnay, Viognier and Syrah. 

As newcomers to the trade in 1995/96 we were very excited about the first wines we had made with our then winemaker Grant Edmonds. 

Alpha Domus Rose, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot Cabernet were released to the trade as part of the 1996 Negociants Roadshow. 

That got us off to a great start and since then we have enjoyed our relationship with past and present members of the Negociants sales and management team.

We have enjoyed hosting the Negociants team at the winery over the years and there have been many shared memorable experiences. Alpha Domus is on the doorstep of the Bridge Pa aerodrome, which is home to many vintage aircraft including a number of Tiger Moths.

Particular highlights included taking the team up in a Tiger Moth, being only room for the pilot and one passenger, the wine tasting went on as the team went up one by one. It was an opportunity to enjoy the stunning scenery over Bridge Pa and other parts of the region as well as get the rare thrill of flying in one of these gracious planes 

Another memorable occasion was the Tiger Moth flight to Auckland delivering the 2000 vintage of our award winning AD The Aviator, the Negociants team were on hand to take delivery. The flight required special dispensation to land at Auckland International Airport and the Tiger Moth only needed about 30 metres of the runway! 

The family were particularly delighted to hear that Clive Weston was recently the deserving recipient of the Sir George Fistonich Medal at the International Wine Show. We look forward to further nurturing our relationship with Negociants. 

Paul Ham and the team 

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