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Billy Apple Cider – Art or Object?

Billy Apple has been blurring the lines between Art and Commerce since the 60’s. Billy is once again pushing new boundaries with the launch of Billy Apple Cider. 

Billy Apple Cider comes in two variants: Fuji red apple cider and Granny Smith green apple cider. Produced in 330ml cans, the cider comes in two graphically distinctive 4-packs and is sold in 6 x 4 pack outers, shrink wrapped for protection and convenience.

The Artist: Billy Apple is one of New Zealand’s most significant artists. In 1964, Billy exhibited with contemporaries including Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein in the ground-breaking show American Supermarket, in which a New York gallery was transformed into a supermarket space, effectively blurring the boundaries of commerce and art. It was the show that many believe marked the birth of the pop art movement. Since that time, Billy’s work has continued to explore and interrogate the lines between art and commerce. Today, some 50 years later, Billy is still breaking new ground, this time bringing the art gallery into the consumer market, with the launch of this distinctively designed and deliciously unique cider.

Billy Apple – The Taste: Crafted from Fuji red and Granny Smith green apples to produce two distinctive, fresh and natural tasting ciders, Billy Apple presents a delicate balance between sweetness and natural flavours. With a light effervescence, Billy Apple Cider makes for a delicious and refreshingly light, not too sweet cider, loved for its universal appeal.


Pear Six Pack


The Hills Cider Company

The Hills Cider company is committed to creating Australia’s best cider by utilising 100% fresh produce. 

To make the best cider, the following time consuming painstaking steps have been integrated into the Hill Cider Company’s processes to ensure quality.

  • 100% fresh Adelaide Hills apples or pears
  • No concentrate, flavouring, sugar or water is added
  • Hand selected and hand-picked fruit at optimum ripeness
  • Use of winemaking techniques to create a unique style of ciders
  • Fruit is crushed, filtered and fermented weekly in small batches
  • Small batches are then blended together to create a level of consistency
  • Cold crushed, cold filtered and cold fermented to preserve floral notes, acidity and structure
  • Gluten free and vegan friendly

The Hills Pear Cider and The Hills Apple Cider are both well balanced, complex, clean and lightly carbonated with a dry and fresh finish. Produced in 330ml bottles and sold in 4 x 6 pack outers.

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Riedel: The Key to Wine

For 250 years, the Riedel name has stood for the high art of glassmaking. However it was Claus Riedel’s 1950s discovery that the shape of your glass impacts the aroma, flavour, and overall profile of wine, which revolutionized the industry. His masterpiece series “Sommeliers” was the first ever stemware line to provide wine drinkers with an instrument designed to enhance the enjoyment of wine. 

His creation of ‘wine friendly’ stemware led to the production of varietal-specific glassware by his son Georg, 10th generation. Working with experienced tasters and winemakers, he designed his ground-breaking Vinum series through sensory workshops, whereby the glass bowl shape is determined only by sensory perception, rather than on a drawing board.

Maximilian Riedel, 11th generation, now sits at the helm of the company after taking over from his father in 2014. His introduction of the O Series, varietal-specific wine tumblers, as well as his imaginative series of snake decanters, continue to drive the company forward. Maximilian further strengthened Riedel’s commitment to the hospitality industry with the introduction of the Riedel Restaurant lines. The Restaurant series allows on premise access to the Riedel portfolio and ‘Grape Varietal Specific’ philosophy, at a lower cost and with greater durability.

For details on the Riedel range and pricing, contact your Negociants NZ Area Manager.


Bollinger Spectre Limited Edition Bottle + gift-box


Bollinger Spectre Limited Edition

To celebrate the release of SPECTRE, the 24th James Bond adventure, Bollinger Champagne is launching a new, limited edition bottle, inspired by the style and sophistication of the world of Bond.

The SPECTRE limited edition contains a unique Bollinger cuvee, a 2009 vintage exclusively released to celebrate the partnership.

The bottle is encased in a limited edition chill box, designed by Carré Basset, which keeps the bottle chilled for 2 hours after refrigeration. With its innovative design, the chill box has been produced entirely in metal by Virojanglor.

The release of the SPECTRE limited edition marks a continuation of a long lasting partnership between EON Productions, the producers of the Bond franchise and the House of Bollinger. Bollinger has featured in 14 Bond films. It has been the exclusive Champagne partner since Moonraker in 1979. 


Bollinger Spectre Crystal Set open


Bollinger Spectre Crystal Set 007

Also being released by Champagne Bollinger to mark the release of the new James Bond film SPECTRE is a limited edition crystal wine cooler, complete with a magnum of R.D. Bollinger.

Only 307 of the crystal sets have been produced, crafted by Saint Louis crystal works in Lorraine, to showcase the Bollinger R.D. 1988. The Bollinger Spectre Crystal Set features a Bollinger 007 signature marked with the sign of the octopus, the SPECTRE.



Delta – exceptional wines defined by the land

The Delta Wine Company appointed Negociants NZ as its exclusive national distributor to the trade, effective from 16th November. 

The Delta story began in 2000 when friends and colleagues Matt Thomson, David Gleave and Neal Ibbotson purchased the Delta Vineyard in Marlborough.  As the new Dijon clones of Pinot Noir came into production in Marlborough, Matt noted that the best quality grapes were coming from vineyards planted on the clay soils of Marlborough’s Southern Valleys.

When Matt found a site that he felt was ideally suited to the production of top quality Pinot Noir, Dave and Neal didn’t hesitate to join him and the Delta Wine Company was established.

The Delta philosophy is to produce:

  • Pinot Noir with vibrant fruit, good tannin structure, excellent acidity and well integrated subtle oak, and
  • Sauvignon Blanc with intense aromatics, complexity on the palate and expressing the coastal terroir of the vineyard.

At the 2015 Air NZ Wine Awards, the Delta Wine Company was awarded the prestigious Champion Sauvignon Blanc Trophy for its 2014 Delta Hatters Hill Sauvignon Blanc and the Delta Hatters Hill Pinot Noir 2012 received a Gold medal.